Grill Lover's Bundle (15lbs)

Grill Lover's Bundle (15lbs)

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For folks that LOVE to grill! We picked our most popular grill items and combined them into one box. 

FREE DELIVERY + SHIPPING INCLUDED! | 15 lbs of our Free Raised & Grazed Meats

Box items include (everything is vacuum-sealed):

4# beef patties variety (1# packages) 

4# primo steaks: ny strip, ribeye, filet, zabuton (mix of best available; we'll typically throw in bone-in steaks)

2# value steaks: flat iron, petite bistro, bavette (mix of best available)

2# pork chops: bone-in pork chops, boneless pork chops (mix of best available) 

2# brats variety: original, Spotted Cow beer brats, smoked, kielbasa, smoked polish

1# uncured snack sticks original flavor (for snacking on while grilling, duh!)