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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Are you 100% grass fed beef?

    We are not 100% grass fed. We plant non-gmo grains/grasses (oats, corn, wheat, barley) in rotation with our pasture legumes (pink clover, alfalfa). We use the grains for feed, bedding, and key nutrient recycling as part of a regenerative soil system. Our cattle graze pastures while building soil.

  • What does “Free-Raised and Grazed” mean?

    Free-Raised and Grazed is our regenerative agriculture term to best describe our animal husbandry and stewardship practices. We keep our livestock in their natural environments as much as possible. Given the dormant nature of winter, we are not able to graze year-round but we ensure ample space with clear access to clean water.

  • Are you certified organic?

    We are not certified organic. We manage our pastures organically but we do not use certified organic seeds for crop production. We grow non-gmo cereal grains/grasses. We do not administer synthetic growth hormones, feed antibiotics, or use mRNA vaccines on our livestock.