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Dry-Aged Quarter Freezer Beef
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Dry-Aged Quarter Freezer Beef

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Quarter carcass of our pasture-raised, dry-aged beef; custom cut for your home freezer. Approximately 130 lbs of finished product (includes bone weight). Calculates to $1.75 per serving (4oz). Get the best steaks and roasts at burger price!

Follow these two steps to order:

1) Purchase and checkout to confirm order and RSVP.

2) After purchase, we will follow up via email in 1-2 days with a template for your review. You can select your cuts and special requests during this process.

Please note:


- Carcass orders take approx. 4 weeks fulfillment time b/c of the customizable options

- All specialty smoked items have an extra charge of $2.50/lb.

- Please watch for additional invoice after your original purchase should you choose specialty smoked items.

Questions about Quarter Freezer Beef? EMAIL US HERE

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