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Farmer's Choice Bargain Bundle Small (15lbs)
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Farmer's Choice Bargain Bundle Small (15lbs)

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OUR BEST $/LB VALUE (but smaller)!! The Farmer's Choice Bargain Bundle is a great option to sample our products. We pack the best raw cuts we have available. A great option if you're adventurous! Save up to 20% OFF a la carte!

FREE SHIPPING | 15lbs of our Free-Raised & Grazed™️ Meats 

Box includes (everything is flash frozen and vac sealed):

5# burger grinds (mix of lean, regular, craftsman, Farmer Waynes Blend, etc.)

5# raw cuts (mix of steaks, chops, roasts, fajita, etc.)

4# loose sausages (italian, spicy italian, breakfast, maple breakfast, chorizo, etc.)

1# smoked items (snack sticks, bacon ends, hot dogs, summer sausage, etc.)