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Free-Raised Pork Bundle (25lbs)
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Free-Raised Pork Bundle (25lbs)

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Mixed box of our free-raised hogs: pork chops, steaks, roasts, and bacon. We pack the best value we have available!

FREE SHIPPING/DELIVERY | 25lbs of our free-raised, heritage-bred pork:

Everything is flash frozen and vacuum sealed:

10# mix of 1# grinds (80/20 ground pork, gluten-free sausage variety)

5# bone-in pork chops; boneless pork chops; pork tenderloin (mix of best available)

4# boneless country-style ribs; boneless pork brisket (mix of best available)

2# bone-in pork shoulder roast

2# uncured (nitrate-free) smoked sliced bacon

2# uncured (nitrate-free) smoked bacon ends